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Participant Comments

“ACES was very likely the best conference I have ever attended, and not just because of the theme.


“The OCI team was outstanding. The conference was so well run from a logistics and host perspective that it is nearly impossible to find anything that even needs improvement.


“Posh hotel but quite inexpensive; delicious food provided for every meal; wonderfully done, attractive, succinct materials (best "program" document ever), advanced AV pre-loads that worked, very thorough speaker and moderator communications, good website; in short - everything about this conference from a "meetings" perspective was extremely well planned and managed.


“Thank you so much. If I ever decide to plan a conference, I will look you up! 

- Roger G. Sayre, Senior Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey


“Many thanks again for the awesome conference organization! After experiencing a group put on by OCI, I don’t want to go to a conference organized by anyone else again!”
- Kathleen "Kit" Armstrong, Environmental Consultant


"I just wanted to send a very brief message to say 'Thanks'.  You coordinated one of the best meetings I have ever attended.  I know you had a lot to manage, but it all came out nicely.  Also, thanks for all of your very useful communications regarding session organization and moderation.  Honestly, the difference between a good scientific meeting and a bad one, in my opinion, is time management among sessions.  INTECOL ran close to flawlessly in this regard!  In fact, I've never seen a meeting run so smoothly.

You and your staff did a wonderful job.
- Ken W. Krauss, Ph.D.
Research Ecologist, U.S. Geological Survey


"I have attended some scientific meetings in my life and never have witnessed such detailed and precise arrangements. You have managed to think and plan ahead everything. Brilliant job!!! Please say thank you to all your wonderful assistants."
- Shai Morin, Department of Entomology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

“You deserve a very large medal for your outstanding efforts in organizing and carrying out the conference - it was by far the best I've ever attended. I would like to write anyone in your organization and tell them so - please give me your supervisor's contact info - WELL DONE!”
- Scott Stoddard, US Army Corps of Engineers

“You were extraordinary in your organization and personal connection with all of us. Thanks so much."
- Terry Morton, Cascade Quality Solutions

“You did --as always-- a wonderful job of keeping everything going smoothly! Please share this heartfelt compliment with your manager.”
- Jennifer Jorge, Director, Kissimmee Division; South Florida Water Management District

“I always receive emails about the various conferences you folks run, but have never been on the 'receiving end'. I was truly amazed by your onsite presence and expertise. I’ve never attended a meeting that ran so smoothly. UF truly has a significant resource in OCI. I continually heard praise from our attendees about your hands-on expertise.”
- Dennis J. Gray, UF/IFAS Mid-Florida Research and Education Center


“The coordinator graciously accommodated us, was very timely and simply made things work so what we planned was accomplished. This was in addition to the many other needs she had to attend to during the conference. She would be my – or anyone’s – pick if I were to ever need logistical support planning and executing a major conference."
- D. Michael Cook, IDEQ

“Thanks so much for the tremendous job you and your team did organizing the Congress. It was wonderful to be so well cared for—everything was seamless from my perspective. I find myself raving to others about what a great job you did. If ever you need a recommendation, please let me know.”
- Craig Elevitch, Director, Agroforestry Net, Inc.


Faculty Comments


"OCI routinely negotiates unbelievable deals for our conferences, saving us thousands and thousands of dollars. But as far as I am concerned, the contribution OCI makes to conference planning goes well beyond 'saving money' -- the professionalism of the OCI team makes conferences run so smoothly that the organizers and attendees can focus on the professional content of the conference."

- G. Ronnie Best, Courtesy Professor, UF/IFAS Soil and Water Science Department -and- US Geological Survey


“I knew organizing a conference would be time consuming. However, your consistent professional attitude and excellent attention to detail from the initial planning stage to the final session on the last day of the conference made the process less tedious. I have found you to be a wealth of information and I greatly appreciate your assistance . . . you and your team did an excellent job.”
- John J. VanSickle, UF/IFAS International Agricultural Trade and Policy Center

“I want to communicate to you how much I appreciate the high quality service that was (and is being) provided by OCI. In particular, I want to sing the praises of OCI’s conference coordinator and all those who worked with her to make the conference a bona fide success. In an earlier email I heard adjectives such as professional, organized, efficient, timely, and a pleasure to work with. Well, she exudes all of those qualities; she is truly a gem! I look forward to working with you all again on the next edition.”
- Bob Swett, Florida Sea Grant, Boating and Waterway Management Program

“The entire staff at the OCI was absolutely professional, efficient and entirely knowledgeable about every aspect of the planning and execution necessary for our conference. Every step of the way I was consulted for the important items but was not burdened by any of the communications, which were all relevant and extremely helpful. The final result was a wonderful conference at a beautiful venue with a very happy group of participants. I could not have imagined all the work that was involved, and could never have attempted this on my own. Every interaction we had was a complete pleasure and entirely professional. Thanks to all of the OCI staff for their support to make our conference a huge success!”
- Gail Wisler (former chair), UF/IFAS Department of Plant Pathology

“OCI has been managing our conference for over a decade via a connection with Florida Sea Grant. The OCI team handles every detail with the hotel, registration, printing the abstract book, and more. They consistently do an excellent job, and pay attention to every detail, even down to ensuring that the hotels do not overcharge for the breaks. With OCI as my partner, I am able to focus on scientific aspects of the meeting. I would not even consider running another conference without them at my side.”
- John Hunt, Program Administrator, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


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